Beiramar Port Area

Beiramar Port Area


Vigo is considered as one of the major ship building sites worldwide.  Not long ago, the companies in Vigo were the undisputed leaders in civil shipbuilding - not for military purpouses - in Spain, in turnover and tons, and in charge of about 40% of the spanish sector.  While this current crisis context makes production be undergoing a period of technical stagnation, the knowledge and expertise achieved by professionalization of the services they render, have greatly contributed to the general sector´s survival in Vigo and also to make them be better prepared for the coming economic cycles.

There are 6 main shipyards in this Beiramar area, but there are other 36 slipways on both sides of the Estuary. Tere are 16 dry docks withing the service area of the Port, in Beiramar, Teis, Moaña and Espiñeiro.

At the Beiramar road there are also other industrial buildings for acillary services for the naval sector.


Photo Beiramar Astilleros

Floating docks and Cold Stores

Cold storage facilities play a fundamental role in the position of the Port of Vigo as a world reference in fishing for human consumption. More than 80% of Vigo's fishery is frozen, arriving in container or freezer merchant vessels (640,077t), but also in fishing freezer vessels (78,265t). These figures endorse Vigo as one of the global strategic points of the fishing industry.

At present, container cargo exceeds freezer vessels bulk conventional cargo in almost 5 times: 120,000t in decks compared to almost 580,000t in container. In fact, in Vigo there are 18 regular lines of reefer containers traffic and only 2 of frozen fishing in conventional. The main origins of this cargo are Namibia, China, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador...

In the Port there are 26 refrigeration facilities, with a storage capacity of 663,214m2. This means a total freezing capacity at the port of almost 1,000t per day. Only in the port area of the municipality of Vigo there are 11 large cold storage facilities, most in this area of Beiramar and El Berbés.

In this area we also find ship building and repair companies, naval effects suppliers, fishing tackle supply and repair, etc. The sea side is devoted to the provision ans long stay of fiching vessels, as well as to fuel supply to ships.

QUAYS AND BERTHSClassification by basins


Length (m)

Depth (m)

Width (m)


In fishing basins


Pontoon nº 2

200 11/2 8 Supplying and Auxiliary Ship 

Pontoon nº 3

288 12/2 7,5 Supplying and Auxiliary Ship 

Pontoon nº 4

152 6/3 9 Supplying and Auxiliary Ship 

Pontoon nº 5

154 5/2 4 Supplying and Auxiliary Ship 

Breakwater nº 3

293 8 30

Frozen fish and cod

Breakwater nº 3

30 8 30 Frozen fish and cod

Breakwater Eduardo Cabello

360 3 30 Frozen fish and cod

Breakwater Eduardo Cabello

31 8 30 Frozen fish and cod