Fishing Facilities

Fishing Facilities

Market Infrastructures

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The fishing Port has nowadays several fish markets and auctions to adequately solve the necessities of the different agents daily involved in the product commercialisation. 

  • Deep fishing auction

    Fish from any part of the world is commercialised here. More than 50% of the total comes from far fishing grounds and due to being such a perishable product, needs fast transportation (by air or road) in isothermal containers properly identified. There is also fish coming by sea from other Spanish ports. The auction takes place with the traditional system of “corros” (groups of people) with prices being adjusted downwards, but the whole process is computerised from then on. 

  • Big fish auction

    To commercialise the biggest species (bluefin tuna, swordfish, mako, blue shark, etc) auctioned separately due to its value. 

  • Coastal fishing auction

    Fish and shellfish from the Ría de Vigo fleet and from adjacent ports is daily commercialised here. It shares the building with the auction above.  

  • “Litoral” auction

    Also in the same building but specifically to commercialise great volumes of coastal mono-species from the Galician and Portuguese coasts. Samples are required and prices are adjusted downwards, too.

  • Shellfish auction

    Facility to host fresh shellfish auctions and facilities to its immediate identification and packaging. Currently managed by Portos de Galicia.

  • Interactive/Digital auction

    A service to allow users to buy fish and shellfish in the on-line auctions implemented by the Port of Vigo’s digital platforms.


Fishing Supporting Infrastructures

There is an array of services provided to ships mooring in these four docks in need of unloading, supplying and provisioning: fuel, ice, nets, cranes, etc.

Many buildings in this area are destined to the manipulation of fresh fish and shellfish and some others are offices for exporting and commercialising companies or the association of shipowners, for instance.

In some quays small repairing tasks are carried out, and together with Bouzas’ shipyards, any necessity can be covered through the private companies installed along the Port and working under administrative concessions.