Integrated management policy

Integrated management policy

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The Port of Vigo is undoubtedly one of the most important economic units and service providers in the Autonomous Community. Its vision is to be a model of competitiveness, efficiency, and sustainability in all its activities, facilities, and services. The Port of Vigo implements a strategy based on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of all terminals, a seamless port-city integration, and integration with the surrounding ecosystem.

This management is based on dialogue and consensus, using the vision of blue growth as a tool to carry out our projects and actions, which are aimed at achieving:


  • A connected port, not only because of its maritime transport infrastructures but for being a link of important connection with the final user, by industrial and logistic processes digitalized, information and communication technologies and administrative efficiency.


  •  An innovative port, integrated into an ecosystem of knowledge, transfer, R+D, entrepreneurship and differentiating commercial actions.


  • A green port that promotes maritime and coastal environment protection and preservation. A port that makes responsible use of its natural resources and practices sustainability and energy efficiency.


  • An inclusive port, focused on people and involved in the formation of new professions, the productive connection of sectors linked to the sea and the social innovation actions.


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Our mission is to manage the infrastructures and guarantee the services’ reliability to contribute to its clients’ competitiveness and create value for society, always within a blue growth framework.


The main values of the Port Authority of Vigo are quality in all its services, security and health at work, respect for the environment, integrity and honesty in professional performance and the relations with stakeholders and continuous improvement in the port integration with the city of Vigo and other surrounding communities.


The Port Authority of Vigo, as manager of the port, sets as a priority goal within its management strategy framework, the development of sustainable port management, aimed at achieving the satisfaction of the port users and with the firm purpose of fulfilling its responsibilities within its staff and society.


The Direction and the Presidency of the Port Authority of Vigo consider the safety and health of its workers as its main priority and are aware of the big social impact that port activities have. People are the most valuable asset to guarantee our future and for this reason, they must be qualified and identify with the goals of our organization.


Knowing fully its responsibility in protecting its workers’ health and the environment where port activities are developed, and without forgetting about the compromise and necessity of offering competitive and suitable services to its clients, the Port Authority of Vigo has developed an Integrated System of Quality Management, Environment and Safety and Health at Work, that establishes the following commitments:


  •  Provide the port with adequate infrastructures, well maintained and neat that allow the right development of the port activities.

  •  Provide to its users the best quality services, at the lowest possible cost and following the requirements and specifications established in current regulations and legislation, always seeking excellence in the provision of public services and using the new technologies available.


  •  Integrate occupational risk prevention into the ensemble of enterprise politics, in such a way that management staff, technical staff, command staff and the rest of the staff assume the responsibilities that they have in their fields, understanding that the work, to be done right, it has to be done safely.


  •  Provide safe and healthy work conditions to prevent work-related injuries and the deterioration of health due to work and eliminate hazards and reduce risks to safety and health at work.


  •  Apply the principle of continuous improvement and innovation to all processes carried out by the port.


  •  Promote the motivation, participation, formation and development of everyone in the organization to achieve the success of our entity. The consultation and participation of the staff, and all the stakeholders in the management of occupational risk prevention, through their representatives in ORP, is essential for the establishment of a preventive culture, so they will be present in decision-making in matters of Occupational Risk Prevention.


  •  Cooperate with port companies and other public administrations in the prevention and fight against pollution of the port environment and respect for the environment, while integrating environmental considerations in the processes of planning and management of the port public domain.


  •  Promote studies and research related to environmental protection, energy efficiency and sustainable development, collaborating with other entities, organizations or national and international companies, according to their competencies.


  •  Promote actions and measures in favour of the family, personal and work-life reconciliation, the prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment, equality in the selection, training and promotion of people, as well as in salary and all areas of activity of this entity.


  •  With the firm purpose of fulfilling the responsibilities towards its staff and society, sign and abide by the regulations imposed by Spanish Law 31/1995 of November 8 on Occupational Risk Prevention, its subsequent modifications and the regulations that develop, as well as all the applicable legal regulations and all those other requirements that are subscribed in matters of occupational risk prevention.


  •  Achieve the status of an inclusive, safe and healthy port, through the development of innovative initiatives to improve the safety and health of the thousands of workers who operate in it. A heart-safe and healthy port with facilities that are more responsible for our community, providing a safe environment that minimizes health risks both for port workers and for the rest of the city's inhabitants who use the port space.

  • And finally, promoting the blue growth strategy, which is directly aligned with the challenges of development and sustainable growth in its area of influence and, therefore, with the 2030 Agenda, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as with the objectives of the European Green Deal.