Port Authority Vigo
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Estación Muelle Trasatlánticos
Facilities and Material Resources

Facilities and Material Resources

The Port Authority of Vigo has its own means of combating pollution. In addition, it has a contract with an external company for carrying out prevention activities and combat pollution of the waters in the service area of the Port of Vigo (zone I and zone II), regulated by the technical specifications of the "Fight against pollution in the service area of the Port of Vigo".

Own resources of the Port Authority of Vigo for fighting against pollution

  • 800 meters of barriers
  • Skimmer 20 m3/ h
  • Skimmer 7 m3/ h 
  • Abserbant material: barriers, rolls, towels
  • Vehicles, ships, tow truck
  • Fast Tank 
  • Pumps, spotlights