Facilities and Traffic Services

Facilities and Traffic Services

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Cruise traffic in Vigo is carried out in the center area of the port, which is located in the heart of the city. It is a continuous, pedestrian and landscaped space, directly connected to the historic centre and the main commercial areas in the city. It is also framed by two of the cruise terminals in Vigo: on one end we can find the Transatlantic Quay and the historic building of the maritime station by Alberto Durán, which hosts the main cruise terminals in Vigo; on the other end we can find the Commercial Quay, where the secondary cruise terminal is set up, designed to complement the first one in case of multiple cruise calls. 

It is an outstandingly communicated area, 15 minutes walking to the train station and 15 minutes by car to the airport. This is mainly due to the direct access of both terminals with the main communication routes which link the city with Santiago de Compostela to the north, with the north of Portugal towards the south, and with Ourense and Madrid in the west.

The TRANSATLANTIC QUAY is an exceptional bridge which brings the city and the tourists who come to Vigo together, thanks to cruise traffic. It has an area of 60,000 m2, in which a great pedestrian area and the Cable Gardens are very relevant. These gardens were opened to the public in 2014 to honor the essential role of the telegraphic British and German cable in the history of the port of Vigo. The port also has a 750 m berthing line thanks to the construction of three adjoined water berthing structures called berthing dolphins, which allowed and environmentally-friendly expansion. Likewise, it is important to mention the remarkable Maritime Station "Alberto Durán", where the Harbour Master, Health Control, Immigration Police and the main cruise terminals are located.

The CRUISE TERMINALS "VIGO CRUISE TERMINAL" and "ATLANTIC VIGO CRUISE TERMINAL", issued under the form of administrative concessions, rely on its modernized and adapted facilities for the greater safety measures demanded by big international cruises companies. Both have all services needed to assist the embarkation, disembarkation and passenger crew members' transit during the call at our port. Among these services, we can find:

  • Highly qualified access and protection control systems, which allow a professional and dynamic management in the entries and outings of passengers.

  • Law enforcement agencies to assist the passengers on their immigration and customs formalities

  • Specific operations for massive embarking and disembarking calls in Vigo as a home port or turnaround, including related services (such as luggage storage, long stay parking or car rental services)

  • Passenger attention service available 24/7 during the call of the vessel

  • Leisure, commercial, hotel and catering facilities, and a currency exchange office

  • Tourist Service Information

  • Free Wi-Fi 

A Laxe shopping center is located 10 meters away from the terminals. It offers a broad and outstanding range of commercial facilities, which complement the terminal's offer.Different local, provincial and regional tourism entities (such as Turismo Vigo, Turismo Rías Baixas and Turgalicia) also have passenger attention offices right next to the terminal. In the COMMERCIAL QUAY, the old cargo warehouses were adapted into a new project: its central area is now the second terminal, called "EL TINGLADO DEL PUERTO", to complement the berthing line offer for cruises and assist various calls in the best conditions. Following the same environmental guidelines, the berthing line was expanded in 300 m by the construction of a new berthing dolphin. Right now, a new disposition of leisure areas is being prepared in order to turn this area into a new meeting point between the port and the city. This quay, surrounded by gardens and next to Plaza de Compostela park in the center of Vigo, completes the area devoted to cruise traffic in the port.The cruise terminal "EL TINGLADO DEL PUERTO" is the new reference point in Vigo for the cruises that visit us every year, mainly devoted to transit calls in days with multiple calls. It is a newly built terminal, designed as a modern, open and bright space with direct access to the vessel. This terminal has not any architectural obstacles and it is endowed with all safety measures and services needed to assist transit cruise calls in the port.


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