Port Authority Vigo
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Estación Muelle Trasatlánticos


This section lists the quantities that have reached all trades and services developed by the Port of Vigo, broken down by type of goods and countries, basically. For analysis of temporal evolution or comparatives in relation to other domestic port facilities, please consult the website of the Public Entity Puertos del Estado, www.puertos.es

As for the update of  figures, the publication of these comes after the approval of the Board of Directors in the exercise of the faculties conferred by the law 27/1992 of the State Ports and Merchant Marine.

On the other hand, includes the last Annual Report of the Port, as well as the 4 previous, valuable information tools about all port aspects.

Finally, it contained some highly relevant documents for users of the Port in their day to day management, such as the Environmental Guidelines, Policies for the Management of Safety, Quality and Environment, and other interesting informations.