Port Authority Vigo
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Estación Muelle Trasatlánticos


Vigo is defined as a port and entrepreneurial city located in the geographical center of the Atlantic Euroregion composed by Galicia & North Portugal, and its Port is the main port of Galicia in regard to the traffic of high-value manufactured goods, extending its area of influence, apart from the rest of Galicia, to Northern Portugal and the Meseta.

The Port of Vigo, as a commercial port of general interest, is a key instrument for the development of the productive economy of the area and a strategic element of the supply chain for the companies located in its hinterland.

Over this principle, is currently undertaken in a definitive manner the integrated planning of port, in order to reinforce its role as an essential component of economic and industrial development in the region in particular and the community at large, both for its size and by improving the current operativeness of the commercial quays with more and better berth lines which, in turn, have greater depths, which will contribute to attracting more traffics that may represent a business opportunity for entrepreneurs and, therefore, for the society in general.

In this section are developed, following a geographical basis from West to East, all the projects that are currently being carried out in the service area of Vigo, as well as the Industrial Logistics Platform of the Port, PLISAN, in Salvaterra de Miño - As Neves, considering that all of them will contribute to its positioning as a major port of the European Atlantic coast.