Boats in berbes

The fishing Port of Vigo is located in both margins of the Ría de Vigo, includes several types of fishing installations and extends over land and waters of five municipalities (Vigo, Redondela, Vilaboa, Moaña y Cangas). The operative centre of this fishing Port is set in Vigo

For the last decades, Vigo has been consolidating as one of the most important fishing ports of the world, hosting the main fishing and oceanic research centres of different administrations: regional, national and European, as well as their supporting ships, around 20 nowadays. Vigo’s fishing port for captures landed has its own name, O Berbés. It mainly consists of 4 basins and their respective 4 quays, where the main enterprises in the fish sales and commercialisation sector are present.

Concerning frozen fish, there is not such a concentration because it is handled in many areas of the Port, as well as along the Ría (cold storage by concessions) or in concessions and shops through Vigo’s area.

All these sectors form the fishing cluster, a multi-disciplinary conglomerate of enterprises, interconnected and feeding back each other. 

We must also outline the importance of the marine culture of commercially valuable species (turbot, sea bass, oyster, mussel, sole, shellfish, etc.) developed in the waters of the Ría and the Port of Vigo. 

Berbes high-altitude fish market